GlossyBox | October Edition Review

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Hello Lovelies!

As some of you may or may not know I had recently subscribed to the much talked about Glossy Box, probably the best £10 I have invested in beauty products! Yes everything Above cost me just £10 – separately the products would have come to well above £60! Bargain 🙂 

A small disclaimer before I start, although the products are carefully selected for the customer receiving, some of the products May not be to everyone’s taste! but There’s no harm in stepping outside out comfort zone once in a while.

  1. Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté 
  2. Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco 
  3. So Susan Flutter Mascara 
  4. RIMMEL BB cream 
  5. MeMeMe Pressed eyeshadow
  6. Etre Belle lip peel 

See you guys soon 🙂 x


Lazy Sunday Writings… (Updates & Schedule)

Lazy Sunday Plans

Sundays are probably the laziest as any of the days of the week gets! The last week has probably been the most hectic my life has been for a while but it’s weeks like this that makes you very much appreciate having a whole day just to rest and catch your breath really!

In the past two weeks University started for me, I got a new Job and it’s been hectic trying to balance and organise everything. Sunday is truly my day to plan and organise my life for the week ahead. I literally just succumb to my room and get a big mug of tea and start scribbling away.

It helps to have planner, I’ve always struggled with organisation but it really does come down to putting pen to paper and writing down all the millions of ideas in my head and able to clear. I have a Planner for my everyday plans but also a separate notepad for my Blogging, I take both of these items everywhere with me so whenever I get inspiration I can jot them down 🙂

As I’ve got all of this sorted & organised I would like to say I would be regularly posting every weekend it would vary between beauty, food posts & general chi chats about life!

Thank you everyone for reading & for your continuous support. 🙂


Liebster Award Nomination!

Thankyou Priya from priyashonestreviews for the nomination for this award! The first award i’ve actually been nominated for! Check out her blog guys! These are the question that I was nominated to answer:

The 10 Questions to answer:

1. Who is your favourite blogger?

Priya’s honest reviews  I think her reviews on products are very honest and relatable, she reviews products which are affordable for everyone from students to working adults! She is also one of my closest friends! 😀 so call me biased! haha but her blog is honestly really good!

2.What’s your favourite candle?

– Not really a candle person but If I really had to choose it would be one of the christmassy candles from Yankee Candles.

3.What’s the best mascara you have ever tried?

– oohh! I would have to say The full exposure mascara by Smash box! it Gives amazing volume and does not give a clumpy cakey feel!

4.What would your perfect dinner be like?

– Perfect Dinner would have to be at a small seafood restaurant on a beach somewhere far away with my other half!

5.What’s the most expensive product you bought?

– It would most probably be my laptop but the most expensive Item I own would have to be my camera (my baby)!

6.If you could live the life of your dreams right now, what would you be doing, where would you be and with who?

– Life of my dreams! I am currently studying Biological sciences at University and My dream job is to be a Clinical Embryologist, but my Love of makeup & Food means I would love to be a Chef (Maybe ill buy my self a restaurant when i’m older? :P) or a Makeup artist. I love london and what it has to offer so I probably will not move away from here so Will probably chase my dreams in London with my Other half 😀

7.Favorite nailpolish?

– I’m Really into my Blacks and deep red colours so probably would say the collection 2000 Lasting Gel color in Vixen Red.

8.Planner of choice?

– I’m not a much of a writing person and Prefer to do my planning on the Evernote App on my iphone 🙂

9.What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own?

– My trusty go to black skinny jeans!

10.Favourite tv show?

– I cant just choose one! oh god.. I would say either Dexter or No reservations by Anthony Bourdain!

So there you go 🙂 I now Nominate:

John Frieda-Frizz Ease Polishing Serum

Guys check out Priyas blog! Honest reviews of high end products to high street products!

Priya's Honest Reviews


Guys I’m sure you’d agree, most of us suffer from frizzy hair, sometimes its just inevitable. I tried so many products to tame this mane on my head. Nothing has ever worked that great. Keep scrolling for a picture

I have very fine hair, however after i blow dry my hair it gets frizzy. I prefer to air dry it, but who has the time?!

I use about 1 pump of the John Frieda Frizz Ease after I’ve blow dried my hair and straightened it. You can use more or less depending on your length and thickness. My hair isn’t that thick.

The serum really just calms my hair down, controls the fly aways and gives it a little shine, but not too much. I don’t recommend applying it to the roots of your hair, because it can get very greasy.

The consistency of the serum is quite oily, but…

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Julie Ryan Beauty

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of private makeup lessons.  Hands down, the number one eye opener to my clients is what a huge difference good bushes make! There’s still truth to the saying, “It’s the artist that makes the masterpiece, not the paintbrush.” But when it comes to doing your own makeup, the right brushes are what will push your skills to the next level.

Photo by April Smith Photography0005

My last client had been using her finger to blend her eyeshadow. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there are better options. She was blown away with how much easier and faster using a fluffy blending brush did the job for her. She also told me that, “It felt like a nice massage.”  Which is totally adorable and so true if you haven’t used one before.

I believe that every one can learn to do a stunning job on their…

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Ping Pong, London Soho | Restaurant Review

My Love of Asian oriental food has no boundaries and Taking me to a Dim Sum restaurant on the day of my 20th Birthday, was Quite the stroke of Genius on my Boyfriend’s part. I had been to several restaurants in previously that serves Dim Sum but this was the first time visiting a restaurant that specialized in serving Dim Sum.

There was a wide selection of Dim Sum’s available on the menu, everything from fried / Griddled Prawn balls and spring rolls, to baked or steamed char Sui buns and puffs, Spoiled for choice is an understatement. In order to ensure we get a wide sample of the delectable food items the menu had to offer, both of us decided to the the Set Menu for Two.

The staff were very warm & Friendly, as soon as the order was placed. the steaming baskets of Dim sums arrived very quickly. Here is a run down of the food’s offered

First to arrive on the table was the Baked Roast Pork Puff, which had a succulent BBQ pulled pork filling surrounded by beautiful buttery puff pastry, topped with a glaze and speckled with sesame seeds. 

1 - Roast Pork Puff

The next set of dishes that arrived were park of the fried and griddled part of the menu. The Duck spring roll, Potato and edamame cake and Spinach and Mushroom dumpling.

2- Duck Spring Roll

3- Potato & Edamame Cake
4- Spinach & Mushroom dumpling

Now it was time for the real deal. Three steaming hot baskets were ushered onto the table much to the delight of my other half & I. upon opening them individually they all revealed gorgeous colourful parcels bursting with a variety of fillings. In order Coriander and prawn dumplings, Chicken and cashew nut dumpling and Seafood dumpling. 

5- Coriander & Prawn Dumpling

6- Chicken and Cashew nut dumpling

7- Seafood Dumpling

To round off the meal we were presented with two rice pots, one was topped with a mix of vegetables such as mushroom, broccoli and black beans and the other pot was topped with honey chill chicken. By this point we were both very full and could hardly finish the rice pots.

8- Mushroom, vegetable and black nean saute rice pot

9- Honey Chilli chicken

We polished off the meal with cocktails and green tea. I would recommend this restaurant to any adventurous eaters who have a love of oriental flavors  and who just want to have a good meal in a bubbly and relaxing environment. The whole meal including drinks came to around £42.  Enjoy 😀

Ping Pong

45 Great Marlborough St,

London W1F 7JL



I really did fall off the wagon. Big time!! I my self feel so bad for not keeping up to it but my work / University commitments really took over my life in the past year.

Blogging is something that I love to do and I didn’t feel I could do it justice if I blogged half halfheartedly.

It was my 2nd Year at University and I moved out of my parents house this year as it was too far to travel and I had found it extremely difficult. I wasn’t able to blog  due to the work load and then come weekends I was working saturday and sunday 9 Hours a day,  but finnally I can begin to blog properly.

So Expect some Fashion, Food & Inspiration!! 😀

For my 20th Birthday my boyfriend has presented me with a brand new DSLR camera so Look forward to the high quality pictures 🙂


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