Ping Pong, London Soho | Restaurant Review

My Love of Asian oriental food has no boundaries and Taking me to a Dim Sum restaurant on the day of my 20th Birthday, was Quite the stroke of Genius on my Boyfriend’s part. I had been to several restaurants in previously that serves Dim Sum but this was the first time visiting a restaurant that specialized in serving Dim Sum.

There was a wide selection of Dim Sum’s available on the menu, everything from fried / Griddled Prawn balls and spring rolls, to baked or steamed char Sui buns and puffs, Spoiled for choice is an understatement. In order to ensure we get a wide sample of the delectable food items the menu had to offer, both of us decided to the the Set Menu for Two.

The staff were very warm & Friendly, as soon as the order was placed. the steaming baskets of Dim sums arrived very quickly. Here is a run down of the food’s offered

First to arrive on the table was the Baked Roast Pork Puff, which had a succulent BBQ pulled pork filling surrounded by beautiful buttery puff pastry, topped with a glaze and speckled with sesame seeds. 

1 - Roast Pork Puff

The next set of dishes that arrived were park of the fried and griddled part of the menu. The Duck spring roll, Potato and edamame cake and Spinach and Mushroom dumpling.

2- Duck Spring Roll

3- Potato & Edamame Cake
4- Spinach & Mushroom dumpling

Now it was time for the real deal. Three steaming hot baskets were ushered onto the table much to the delight of my other half & I. upon opening them individually they all revealed gorgeous colourful parcels bursting with a variety of fillings. In order Coriander and prawn dumplings, Chicken and cashew nut dumpling and Seafood dumpling. 

5- Coriander & Prawn Dumpling

6- Chicken and Cashew nut dumpling

7- Seafood Dumpling

To round off the meal we were presented with two rice pots, one was topped with a mix of vegetables such as mushroom, broccoli and black beans and the other pot was topped with honey chill chicken. By this point we were both very full and could hardly finish the rice pots.

8- Mushroom, vegetable and black nean saute rice pot

9- Honey Chilli chicken

We polished off the meal with cocktails and green tea. I would recommend this restaurant to any adventurous eaters who have a love of oriental flavors  and who just want to have a good meal in a bubbly and relaxing environment. The whole meal including drinks came to around £42.  Enjoy 😀

Ping Pong

45 Great Marlborough St,

London W1F 7JL



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