Summer Favorites ☼

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I’m Back!

I promised a blog post soon enough and here it is 🙂 Since my last post I’ve been away for about a month, I went on holiday to Sri Lanka and before I went, I picked up a few goodies which I thought will really help with the hot and humid conditions.

Here are some of my favorite products of this summer 


This is where my Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask  comes in handy! Enriched with cinnamon and ginger it only needs to be used once / twice a week and needs only 5 minutes for it to cleanse deeply removing all the dead dull skin, to reveal a brighter and a softer complexion.  A bit on the expensive side at £10, but seeing you are only using it once / twice a week it’s a worth while investment which gives amazing results. 


This Product has to be HOLY GRAIL this summer! its a must daily moisturizer. Olay has always been a brand which has worked well for me so much in the past, being of a darker Asian complexion it’s hard to find skin products which work well with dark brown skin. This product is amazing, its a very light in texture and it is quickly absorbed giving the skin soft and supple feeling and best of all it contains SPF 15! I used this while I was on holiday and continue to use it now! it’s just the best. Price: £5.99 (


The BEST setting powder out there in my opinion. No matter how perfectly and meticulously you put on your make up, you need a good translucent powder to give it that finishing touch which lasts. I have tried many products but none have the effect the Stay matte powder does.
I have the 001 transparent, as I didn’t want a powdery whitewashed look on my face. It promises up to 5 hours of natural shine control and minimize the appearance of pores. I must say it really does keep to its promises, it gives a flawless perfect and smooth finish which is long-lasting.
This magic in a Box is a mere £3.99


I have to thank my friend for introducing me to this product! I love it so much. As a part of any skin care routine, a cleanser and a toner is an absolute essential and trust me! I’ve been through my fair share of a products in order to find the ‘Perfect’ one. No matter what promises some products out there make, it’s usually loaded with chemicals which can irritate and dehydrate the skin, leading to an overall unhealthy appearance.
You can forget all about the harsh chemicals when it comes to the B. Pure micellar water, it is what it says on the bottle. it is a 3 in 1 cleanser/toner/refresher all in one and the best thing about this product that the majority of the contents is just water! I use this prior to applying my daily moisturizer as it gets rid of excess dirt from the skin after exfoliating and also as a tool to remove makeup. It is so kind to the skin even if your skin is sensitive.
It’s Available at Superdrug stores in the UK for £4.99. 


        Before I try out any product which is unfamiliar to me but I still feel like being adventurous, I usually get the travel size which is always much cheaper and it lasts you long enough to get a good idea of the product.
  1. Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects serum! (Travel size) 
     I got this product, specifically because I was going on holiday to a hot country as My hair usually behaves when it comes to summer in the UK,  but if Humidity does affect you easily then I would most definitely recommend this. Although I only purchased the travel size, it had lasted me for nearly 3 month and I use at least twice a week. A little really goes a long way with this product, applying 1-2 pumps on damp hair, spreading it evenly and style it as your desire. You immediately notice how well-behaved your hair, it combats humidity and frizz, it’s just simply amazing!
2. Urban Decay – Vitamin B6 infused complexion prep & Prime spray 
Primers are essential in creating a blank canvas to apply makeup but In my experience primers often leave my skin very dehydrated and after applying makeup, sometimes it becomes very flaky and make up looks almost as if it is peeling off. I wanted something which offers me all the benefits of  a primer but something that has a weightless feel.
This Product was a God send!, no word of a lie it is probably the favorite beauty I own at the moment. It’s a primer spray, after applying moisturizer to my skin, I spray this product onto my face from a distance in an ‘X’ shape. It is super lightweight and absorbent product which diminishes redness and minimizes pores in the skin in the click of a finger. It soothes and hydrates the skin, therefore preventing any dryness from occurring once the make up is on, it is infused with Vitamin B6 which is well-known for it anti-sebum (Oil)  production properties, therefore making the skin oil free. It is definitely a must try!
3 & 4.   Rimmel London Moisture renew & Maybelline New York super stay 24 Lip Balm 
Lipsticks are definitely not my forte, I have experimented every so slightly in the past but before I went on holiday, I picked up the courage to indulge in A lipstick and after many hours of searching I gave into the Rimmel London lip products, which By the way has a very reasonable price tag. I bought the Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in Diva Red (Yes red!) apart from the fact it smells heavenly, the lipstick is amazingly intense in color, goes on the lips easily but what impressed me the most was how much it moisturized my lips, I was afraid that my lips will dry out quickly in such a hot climate but no this stayed put!  – It stayed put with the help of my next Lip product.
I honestly bought this product out of curiosity together with the Lip stick, due to the fact I was afraid that the Lip stick wouldn’t deliver its promises of moisturising my lips.  After I applied my lipstick I let it dry for 1 or 2 minutes and then applied the Lip balm which helped to seal the color and also added a touch of softness to my lips.
Here I come to my final product! Hello Flawless Oxygen wow [Brightening makeup] There has been so many countless numbers of reviews praising this product and it’s definitely all true!  I bought this product Whilst I was looking for a replacement for my MAC foundation. I fell in love with it the minute the counter assistant color matched me! The foundation itself is very versatile, its light weight formula enables you to build up the coverage you desire.
It gives a flawless, oil free finish which sits so naturally on the my face, I have had so many compliments how well it looks on my skin! After I use any foundation, I usually need to set it with a setting or a translucent powder to give it finesse but with this foundation, I can just apply and go it gives a beautiful brightening effect to my skin which lasts!
Till Next time honeys x


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