Lazy Sunday Writings… (Updates & Schedule)

Lazy Sunday Plans

Sundays are probably the laziest as any of the days of the week gets! The last week has probably been the most hectic my life has been for a while but it’s weeks like this that makes you very much appreciate having a whole day just to rest and catch your breath really!

In the past two weeks University started for me, I got a new Job and it’s been hectic trying to balance and organise everything. Sunday is truly my day to plan and organise my life for the week ahead. I literally just succumb to my room and get a big mug of tea and start scribbling away.

It helps to have planner, I’ve always struggled with organisation but it really does come down to putting pen to paper and writing down all the millions of ideas in my head and able to clear. I have a Planner for my everyday plans but also a separate notepad for my Blogging, I take both of these items everywhere with me so whenever I get inspiration I can jot them down 🙂

As I’ve got all of this sorted & organised I would like to say I would be regularly posting every weekend it would vary between beauty, food posts & general chi chats about life!

Thank you everyone for reading & for your continuous support. 🙂



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