Glamorous Yet Subtle Prom / Evening look

My Model returns again!

This has to be my first ever time I’ve done makeup on someone for an event! and as she had personally asked me to do her makeup (& Hair), I really had to put aside my nerves and make my baby cousin look perfect as possible for her prom!

Here she is, in all her glory!

Full Look

she had requested for a quite a nude but smokey eyes look. Here is a close up of her face, showing the colours and textures I used to do her makeup, Ill outline the items used and How I used them below.



  • Rimmel Match perfect foundation 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte: Long lasting pressed powder [Finishing/Translucent powder]
  • Mac Mineralize skin finish natural in Sun power [Contouring of the cheek, nose and temple]


  • Naked 2 Palette: Half baked all over the eye lid & Black out for the edges to give a subtle but smokey eye look.
  • Beauty UK Eye shadow collection (Earth Child 4): Gold all over the eye lid and the matte brown color as a base before applying the eye shadow.
  • Maybelline Master precise eyeliner : for the upper lid
  • Rimmel soft khol kajal eye pencil: for the water line and tight line
  • Eyelure: Lashes
  • Maybelline Volume express double ended mascara

Photo 07-07-2014 02 02 21

she did tell me that many people complimented her on her makeup and hair so all in all not a bad day’s work! 😀


Fell of the wagon!.

I haven’t Blogged in so long, so sorry everyone! Had a few exams and started a new job so things have been pretty hectic past month or so but all good now! I will be regularly posting from now!


Jeevina ‘xo

► Yo! Sushi – Yumminess review :) – Tell me ur thoughts!


Heyyyyyyyy Guyss!

I’m not sure how many of you dear readers know but I’m a first year university student and today was my results day and I PASSED! phewwwww.  The stress of waiting for the results to come through was too much so I did everything I could to keep my self busy and this brought up my never ending cravings for Yo!sushi. I don’t think people realize how bad my addiction has become!, I Salivate at the thought of sitting in front of plate after plate of this scrumptious food! – Instead of sitting there dribbling over the pictures I’ve taken over my many visits to various branches of Yo!sushi, I thought I would share them with you and entice you to become a convert. Here goes everything!

1. Takoyaki (pictured Above) – I promise you these are little balls of heaven! They golden spheres which are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside with the hidden piece of perfectly cooked octopus. All of it decorated with Japanese mayonnaise (Delicious) , dried bonito flakes and aonori powder. Just Writing about it is making my mouth salivate

2. Kaiso (V) – Edible Emerald. A very simple but very elegant piece of food. The smell it self is very enticing. Kaiso? whats that? – Its a type of Japanese seaweed and in the dish its marinated in Miso, placed on top of rice, seasoned with sesame seeds. Yummy yum yum!


3. Soft Shell Crab Tempura –oOohh Fancy! Fancy! This definitely is very high in the list of my favorite yo!sushi dishes. Tempuraa light Japanese batter made with cold (sparking) water and soft wheat flour, This batter beautifully encases soft blue shell crab and fried lightly. It’s a must try!


4. Chicken Katsu Curry – Top of my List anytime! I cant sing enough praises for this dish. I’m a big sucker for Katsu and I’ve tried this dish in many different places and nothing comes close to the yumminess of Yo!sushi’s chicken katsu curry. its a chicken cutlet coated in panko (japanese breadcrumbs) deep fried served on top of rice and topped with a mild curry sauce. Absolutely 10/10 from me!


I have an endless amount of pictures I could go through, but its getting late and I think I’ve done Yo!sushi justice with my dribble sharing (not literally!) with these pictures, I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had a chance to go but I have been eyeing up one of their new releases. Yo!sushi I must say get it right every time, They’ve combined my love of rice and katsu to give us the Yo! burger, Especially the Prawn yo! Burger. Replacing traditional burger buns with rice cakes and served with nori crackers and daikon slaw! HOW COOL!!..I Will get my mouth around this yummyness soon!


I really should stop now!  I hope I have converted you lovely readers!

Ciao x

♥☼ Traditional Tamil Vegetarian Meal – My Boyfriend’s first time cooking!!


Before I even start! A BIGGGG Kudos, goes to my Boyfriend Saj for making this yum-malicious? (is that even a word :S..oh well :D) meal for me when I went over to his. Bearing in mind he has only ever stepped in to the kitchen, to chop the odd onion or to grate carrot here and there and to do the washing up, It was a HUGE surprise to be woken up from a (well deserved 😛) nap to a plate of this yumminess?! – I’M JUST MAKING UP WORDS NOW..dear oh dear. It was later revealed to me that, many frantic phone calls were made to his dad to help up with the recipe. No matter what, Big respect to you Mr Saj 😉 – Thank you for the Lovely surprise after a long  & Tiring week. 😀


As you may have noticed it a 100% Vegetarian meal, This was cooked on a Tuesday when he is strictly vegetarian due to religious reasons, as he is a Hindu but me? ..being a catholic there’s no dietary restriction so an nomming omnivore 24/7 -365 wheeeey :). Saying that I love vegetarian cuisine & This dish a very good example of a vegetarian dish in a Tamil household, which is what we both are 🙂

  • The Dish consist of a spinach based dish called Keerai

which is basically spinach wilted into sauteed onions, garlic, mustard seeds, fennel and few curry leaves.

  • A Lentil based dish called Parupu

Boiled lentils mixed into yet again garlic, onions, mustard seeds, fennel and also a little bit of turmeric.

  • Fried pieces of potato (no fancy Tamil name sorry!)

Small thinly sliced potato marinated in turmeric and salt, It is then deep fried until they turn into glisteningly golden brown morsels, bursting with flavor.

Of course served with white boiled rice!

although I’m very biased I would give his efforts a 10/10 😀 …Then again he learnt from the best i suppose …….(meeeee!)

Tell me your traditional meals in the comment!

Ciao x

My Makeup Essentials! – Tell me yours :)


I’m one those people who loves snooping around in other people’s makeup bags! I feel in every bag you learn something new and exciting. To be honest with you, majority of my short cuts and tips on makeup such as contouring etc, I learn from looking at different products that my friends use. Here are my makeup essentials that I always carry around with me – enjoy


  • Sleek Contouring & Blush Palette in Medium 374

One of two types I used to contour, This is all in one type thing and I used it on a day to day basis during the day. I wear to uni, shopping etc as it has a more “mattifying” look. Gives a warm glow without being overwhelming.

  • MAC Mineralize Skin finish natural in Sun power & MAC Double definition extra dimension skin finish

I cannot speak but praises for these two products. The skin finish a fine powder I use this to contour my cheeks and temples. Perfect for a night time look as its shows up quite a lot on my skin. I have medium Brown to dark brown complexion.

MAC Double definition extra dimension skin finish amazing for highlighting different parts of your face. like it said it works best for NIGHT TIME look. Its got a dual palette, Bottom palette is a shimmy bronze look which works well with dark complexions, I used the bronze to highlight under my eyes and on top of a blush on the apples of my cheeks.

I used the upper palette, which has a very metallic shimmer, and I mean VERY metallic, use it sparingly. I use this to highlight under my brows and the bridge of my nose. It works very well.

  • Eyelash Glue of course for those emergencies & Tweezers to place those wayward lashes! also for those hair eyebrow situations 😉


  • My handy favorite blushes by Sleek in Rosegold 926 & Fushia Pink (not sure of product name) Will definitely recommend.


  • My everyday makeup brushes. My little babies!

Real Techniques Angled Foundation Brush – Flawless application of liquid foundation.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – to blend out my contouring and highlighting.

Real Techniques Contour Brush – well that’s self explanatory

Real Techniques Kabuki Brush – My blush Brush / opens up to use as a contour brush.

MAC brush 286 – For my Highlighting purposes. A dual fibre brush picks up the pigment very well.

  • BARGAIN!! £1 Primark curlers, they work just as well as my £5 curlers from other high street stores.


  • Framing my eyes

– Rimmel London Exaggerate eye liner in Jet Black for upper lid.

– Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal for the water line

-Smash box Full exposure Mascara


  • Beauty UK Eye shadow collection – Earth Child

My handy any time of the day shadow collection. It has shades that I would use on a daily basis. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. ❤

  • My MOST prized posseion that lives in the world of my makeup bag! – MAC Foundation NC55 😀


Tell me yours!

Ciao x





Vadai! [ Savory Fritter from India ]


Nananana….Another recipe time. I had tweeted yesterday about doing a Beauty post next but I simply couldn’t resist posting this recipe. Vadai is a type of fritter made from lentils and it’s generally a street food which can be eaten any time of the day, but I made this for breakfast for my parents and younger brother this morning. It’s a VERY easy recipe and can be made in batch and fried later.

I hope you enjoy it! 😀


  • Lentils [Dal] Desired amount
  • Salt
  • Dried chilies
  • Onions 2 chopped
  • Cumin
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Sun Flower oil
  • Food Processor / Grinder

The Makings!

1. You have soak the Lentils for at least 2 hours in water before doing anything else. This will help them puff up nicely.

2. Chop the onions into very small pieces and I mean VERY small pieces as the onion pieces will fall out whilst cooking and split the vada.

3. Into a blender, place the lentil and without adding any water blend it coarsely so its a rough paste. Do not over blend.

4. Into the blender/Grinder place the dried chilies, cumin and fennel seeds and blend to a powder.

5. Add the powdered dried chilies, cumin and fennel seeds to the lentil mixture along with the onions and mix well.

6. once they are all incorporated well, shape them into a small ball and flatten them.

7. Heat sunflower oil and to test the heat of the oil drop a small amount of the mixture and see if its cooking straight away.

8. Fry the Vadas till they are little golden medallions 🙂


Ciao x


Authentic Sri Lankan Chicken Curry …As easy as 1,2,3….4,5.6 :D


My Own take on my Mum’s Homemade Chicken curry! 


Okay, Okay, I admit that originally this blog was created for everything food related, but I’ve been so busy since I’ve started blogging that I’ve haven’t had the chance to cook. I’ve Been relying on mums food to keep me going but FINALLY I had the chance to dish up some scrumminess of my own : )

I usually whip up something along the lines of a noodle dish or a pasta dish but this time true to my roots I cooked up a nice chicken curry. As many of you may not be aware, I’m from Sri Lanka – (a Small country off the coast of India), but came to this country at a very young age. Therefore many of the recipes that are strictly Sri Lankan I learnt from mainly from my mother. I’m not perfect with them But I try my best!

I hope you enjoy this, easy (hopefully) recipe. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Tweet / Email me


– Onions x 2

-Garlic  x 6 Cloves


– Cumin

-Fennel seeds

-Mustard seeds

-Curry powder / Chili powder


– 1 Tomato

– Tinned chopped tomato

-Dry Chili

-Stock Cube

-Olive Oil


– Of course Chicken thighs.

How to whip up

1. Finely chop up the onion and Garlic. Grate the ginger.

2. In separate Bowl Mix the skinned, cut up chicken thighs along with a tsp of turmeric powder, Salt and grated ginger in a bowl and leave to marinate (10-15 mins).

3. Pour about 3 tbsp of Olive oil / Whatever cooking oil you prefer to use and heat on a medium heat till the oil is piping hot.

4. Turn down the Heat and place 3 tsp of mustard seeds into the oil, along with 1 tbsp of fennel seeds and cumin also wait for them to burst open. (to release all the flavor & Aroma)

5. Once they are ready to go, place all the chopped onions (still low/medium heat) to fry till they turn a deep golden color. While the onions are cooking add the chopped tomato (not tinned) to the mixture.  Add salt and stir until onions turn gold and tomatoes are fully cooked.

6. Add the marinating chicken to the golden onions and cooked tomatoes. Let them brown a bit and add the chopped tinned tomatoes, 2 tsp of curry powder and add the chicken stock cube mixed in with some boiled water to the chicken. Stir in well and let it boil.

7. Around 30 Mins later check if the chicken is fully cooked through and if so serve with white rice.  If not, add salt let it boil for a bit and check and serve.

Ciao x